Reflexioner/ Reflections

VernissagekortTo reflect is a process which embodies a double meaning. On one side, it represents the visual sense and can be experienced in our natural surroundings or in our day-to-day actions such as seeing our outward appearance framed in a mirror. Alternatively, reflection is a contemplative process which encourages analysis and inspiration for an individual’s mind and soul. These two aspects find a meeting point in Helene Hortlund’s art and become united through the notion of the ”inner-mirror”, a realm where nature and human forms communicate in the borderland between reality and fiction.

For the exhibition at ID:I galleri, Hortlund expands beyond her previous work with sculpture and knitted handwork to present ten recent collages. While each work expresses its own unique narrative, various symbols emerge to connect the spaces between each scene. The spidery limbs of a tree become the distinct pattern in the iris of an eye and another work portrays a tree cradling a nest of baby heads. In essence, the ”tree of life” emerges as a strong character in Hortlund’s body of work. Additionally, several of her collages are manipulated in a way that brings to mind the geometric shapes of a kaleidoscope and upon closer examination, hidden images emerge to reveal a different dimension to the story. Reflections is an exhibition which pulsates with a lifeline that reaches outward to the viewer and offers a thought-provoking journey inward to see, contemplate and share our own reflections.

Anne Klontz 2012

ID:I galleri